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CERVECERIA T'Hó: a restaurant & Nano-Brewery

/nanō/ [nan-oh, ney-noh]: very small, on a minute scale (10-9 or 0.000000001)

WE LOVE BEER. Not that fizzy, yellow “beer” made by the mega-breweries but real beer, craft beer. The beer made with only malts, hops, yeast and water. The beer made with love and passion. The beer made to make you happy.

Cerveceria T'hó is a restaurant and brewery concept; a “brewpub”. We will create high quality, hand crafted beer, branded as “TOPE”. The menu items will compliment the styles of beer served and add to the experience of a “laboratory of "flavor”. Fresh handcrafted beer, seasonally fresh food and an inviting atmosphere.

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The Plan

We aren't open yet, but when we do...

Sunday thru Wednesday


Thursday thru Saturday




Fresh and seasonal, just like our great cerveza TOPE®!

Our menus will change with the seasons for a never ending variety of flavors. Fresh, local and organic is our target for every one of our delicious menu items. A relaxing, air conditioned, comfortable setting. No loud music, no T.V.'s. We think friends are the best entertainment!


Cerveza TOPE®

We are starting our brewery with a very small system; a “nano-brewery” by brewery standards. We'll be producing only 2 barrels of beer (63 gallons, 240 liters) for each hand crafted batch we make. This gives us the !exibility to brew many different styles to accompany our ever changing food selections. We will brew, keg and serve right in the restaurant. We will mainly brew “ale” styles from around the world but our selections will be as wide as the imagination. We will ask you, our TOPE fans, for suggestions on what to brew, what your favorites are and what “special” beers you would like us to brew for your next visit.

Sample menus

(more info to come...)

Fresh TOPE® beer

Handcrafted styles from around the world

Our Food

Seasonal menus for the freshest of flavors

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