Club TOPE®

Be a big part of something small

...and get FREE BEER

(Do we need to say anything else?)

What do you get?

We'd like to see you every month, so we'll make this really good...

TOPE T Shirt(s)

quality silk screened T's. Choose any design from our "2018 - Lotería Series" T Shirts. Visit our TOPE® Tienda to choose your style.

TOPE beer

You get to choose from our "TOPE® Ales & Lagers" or "TOPE® Specials" beer selections. Not some puny 333ml bottle or can but a full 0.5L of fresh from the brewery TOPE beer.

Fresh & Tasty menu items

As a member you can receive FREE FOOD items, too! We pair the great flavors of TOPE beer with the freshest of international favorites.

(food is not included with the $500 Club)

TOPE mini-kegs

Bring a little piece of our little brewery home with you. The TOPE 2L, stainless steel, keeps the party going after hours. The mini-keg is great way to take fresh TOPE beer home.

(Available for $5,000 and up TOPE Club members.)


Members receive 10% off all food, drink & retail items (membership purchases and renewals not included)

More free beer!

Come in on your birthday and we'll buy you (1) free 0.5L beer. It's your special day, so choose any beer we are pouring that day (even the really good stuff)

Beer tastings

You'll be invited to taste all the new TOPE beer releases before everyone else.

TOPE CLUB member card

Top it off, share it with a friend, give it as a present. It's like having free TOPE beer in your pocket without the mess.

Let's Party!

We wouldn't be here without your help, so let's celebrate your success! - We'll have a yearly anniversary party for members only. Count on great TOPE beer, great food and entertainment. the more members we have, the bigger the party gets.

Learn to Brew

We started brewing at home and you can too. Spend a day brewing your own creation with the help of our brew house gurus. When it's ready, we'll serve it in our taproom with your name on it. (limited availabilty, we will have more details later, but this is for members only!)

Frequently Asked Questions

and other valuable information

It sounds like a good deal...what's the catch?

There is no catch, no tricks, no fine print; we don't like that stuff and we know you don't either. We are just a small group of people with a dream, and the recipes for really great food and beer. In order for us open, we need your help and we need money.

Instead of paying a bank 20% interest on a loan, we would prefer to pay our future cutomers for helping us open. You purchase a membership and over the term of your membership we pay you back with beer, food and merchandise. It's a great deal for you...we've done the math! And for real beer lovers we're offering you free beer for life. You are helping us start our business and for that we want to reward you.

When do I get my Club TOPE rewards?

We need to open before we can make your beer and food! The Tshirts and other merchandise orders are ready to go, but we need more money. If we sell more memberships and open faster, you will receive your rewards faster! The building is under construction and we hope to open in the fall of 2018. Let's make this happen!

Can I share my card?

Sure! You'd be a really good friend to give your free beer away and we would miss seeing you, but it's up to you.

What do mean by "Free Beer for Life"?

Our definition:


no cost to you, period. No taxes, no minimums, nada.


You get to choose from our "TOPE® Ales & Lagers" or "TOPE® Special" beer selections. Not some puny 333ml can or bottle; you'll receive one(1) full 0.5L of "fresh from the brewery" cerveza TOPE each month, forever.


(you know this one)


As long as TOPE Gourmet S.A. de R.L. (our legal name) is making beer, the account holder will receive one free 0.5L of any "TOPE® Ale or Lager" or "TOPE® Special" beer selection per month. You can keep your membership forever, sell it or give it to family or friends, or pass it down to future generations. If the account has been properly maintained (ask for details) it will last forever.

We can't tell you what the price of a 0.5L glass of premium cerveza TOPE® will be in 50 years, but your beer will still be free!

Can I buy multiple memberships?

Yes. If you would like to buy memberships for friends or clients, or be a great boss and give them to your employees, we can issue a group card or seperate memberships. Only one active membership per person and members can upgrade at any time. Contact us if have questions or a special situation.

What if I lose my card or it is stolen?

If you've lost your card, just contact us and we will cancel the old card and replace it with a new one. We send you a message every time your card is used as an extra precaution.

When does my membership begin?

The first day we "officially" open to the general public your membership will "officially" begin. (We'll have secret, members only events going on before that, though...follow us on FaceBook for details)

Can I get my friends together to buy a TOPE Club membership?

Yes! CERVECERIA T'Hó will be a great place for friends to meet and have fun with great food and beer!

We know every situation will vary so contact us for more details and let us know what you have in mind.

What happens if I don't visit CERVECERIA T'Hó one month? Do I loose my beer or food for the month?

No, nothing is lost if you can't visit us every month; we'll see you soon and have a cold one waiting for you when you return. For instance, if you buy a $500 membership you'll receive 12 beers, no matter how much time it takes. You do not get credit for the missed rewards toward your next visit(s); rewards do not accumulate. You may redeem a maximum of (1) beer, each month, per membership.

Can I renew my TOPE Club membership?

Yes, and...


($2500 TOPE Club memberships only!)

If you buy your membership before we "officially open", we will lock the $2500 membership price for all of your future $2500 membership renewals.

Our TOPE Club memberships will be more expensive in the future. You must renew your membership once in each 12 month period to qualify. As an example, when you buy a $2500 membership today, you will be able to renew it in 1, 5, 10, 20 or 30 years from now for $2500 as long as there has never been a lapse in your annual membership. (think of the TOPE t-shirt collection you could have!)


If you buy your membership after we open: (for the $500 and $2500 TOPE Club memberships only!)

Our TOPE Club memberships will be more expensive in the future. You will pay the current price of memberships in order to renew. It's still a great deal on a t-shirt and more beer!

If you buy your membership with "BEER for LIFE": ($5,000 +)

You already have FREE BEER for LIFE! If you'd like to continue the food portion of your membership after your one or two years (depending on membership) expires, we can do that! We will have more pricing information available when the time comes. You were with us in the beginning so we'll make it worth your while!

If I come in for my free beer, do I have to buy anything else? Do I have to pay taxes or additional fees?

No. Your membership includes all the taxes and there are no hidden charges, fees or drink minimums. You need your card but we're guessing you won't forget it.

Do I have to leave a tip?

It’s not mandatory but it’s the right thing to do.

Your beer & food needs to get to your table. Everyone involved in your visit will work hard to make sure you are having a good dining experience. Our people are paid well but please show your appreciation to our staff and leave a tip, even if your entire meal is free.

What if I move? Can I sell or transfer my card?

Yes, you bought the TOPE Club membership so it's yours to sell or trade if you want. We will need more information from both parties for the transfer, but FREE BEER for LIFE is a commitment we will take very seriously.

The price of beer & memberships, just like anything else, will eventually increase and we are speculating that the "free beer for life" memberships may even become more valuable with time. Think of it as an investment in your beer future!

What if I have more questions?

You can fill out the form below if you're shy and just want some general information. Check our JOBS page (coming soon!) for information on working with us!

Call us! We don't have a corporate answering system or office hours.

Kevin @ 999.268.5641 (he's better with English & beer talk)

Raul @ 999.169.0410 (Spanish & really good English)

I want more! What else are you offering?

Have you ever wanted to own a little piece of a nano brewery? Contact us if you are interested in investing and/or becoming a partner in our venture. We are offering great potential rewards for your investment.

Get in Touch

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